Adaptador Telefónico Analógico (ATA), x2 FXS y 1 puerto 10/100Mbs




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Más información de Adaptador Telefónico Analógico (ATA), x2 FXS y 1 puerto 10/100Mbs

Características Destacadas

Product Specifications

Data networking

- MAC address (IEEE 802.3)

- IPv4 (RFC 791) upgradeable to IPv6 (RFC 1883)

- Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

- Domain Name System (DNS) A record (RFC 1706) and SRV record (RFC 2782)

- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client (RFC 2131)

- Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPoE) client (RFC 2516)

- Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) (RFC 792)

- TCP (RFC 793)

- User Datagram Protocol (UDP) (RFC 768)

- Real Time Protocol (RTP) (RFC 1889) (RFC 1890)

- Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) (RFC 1889)

- VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1p)

- Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) (RFC 2030)

- SIP channels support for both UDP and TCP transport

Voice gateway

- SIPv2 (RFC 3261, 3262, 3263, and 3264)

- SIP proxy redundancy: Dynamic through use of DNS SRV A records

- Reregistration with primary SIP proxy server

- SIP support in network address translation (NAT) networks (including Serial Tunnel [STUN])

- Highly secure (encrypted) calling using Secure RTP (SRTP)

- Codec name assignment

- G.711 (A-law and µ-law)

- G.726 (32 kbps)

- G.729 A

- Dynamic payload

- Adjustable audio frames per packet

- Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF): In-band and out-of-band (RFC 2833) (SIP information)

Voice features

- Independent configurable dial plans with interdigit timers and IP dialing (1 per port)

- Call progress tone generation

- Jitter buffer: Adaptive

- Frame loss concealment

- Full-duplex audio

- Echo cancellation (G.165 and G.168)

- Voice activity detection (VAD)

- Silence suppression

- Comfort noise generation (CNG)

- Attenuation and gain adjustments

- Flash hook timer

- Message waiting indicator (MWI) tones

- Visual messaging waiting indicator (VMWI) using frequency shift keying (FSK)

- Polarity control

- Hook flash event signaling

- Caller ID generation (name and number): Bellcore, DTMF, and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

- Streaming audio server: Up to 10 sessions

- Music on hold

- Call waiting, call waiting and caller ID

- Caller ID with name and number

- Caller ID blocking

- Selective and anonymous call rejection

- Call forwarding: No answer, busy, and all

- Do not disturb

- Call transfer, call return, and call back on busy

- Three-way conference calling with local mixing

- Per-call authentication and associated routing

- Call blocking with toll restriction

- Distinctive ringing: Calling and called number

- Off-hook warning tone

- Advanced inbound and outbound call routing

- Hotline and warmline calling

- Long silence (configurable time setting) silence threshold

- Disconnect tone (for example, reorder tone)

- Configurable ring frequency

- Ring validation time setting

- Tip and ring voltage adjustment setting

- Ring indication delay setting

Fax capability

- Fax tone detection pass-through

- Fax pass-through using G.711

- Real-time fax over IP using T.38 fax relay (T.38 support is dependent on fax machine and network and transport resilience)


- Password-protected system reset to factory default

- Password-protected administrator and user access authority

- Provisioning, configuration, and authentication

- HTTPS with factory-installed client certificate

- HTTP digest: Encrypted authentication using MD5 (RFC 1321)

- Up to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption

- SIP Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Provisioning, administration, and maintenance

- Web browser administration and configuration using integral web server

- Telephone keypad configuration with interactive voice prompts

- Automated provisioning and upgrade using HTTPS, HTTP, and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

- TR-069

- Asynchronous notification of upgrade availability using Notify

- Nonintrusive, in-service upgrades

- Report generation and event logging

- Statistics in Bye message

- Debug server records and syslog: Per-line configurable web browser

- Ping and traceroute diagnostics

- Configuration management: Backup and restore

- Support for Bonjour

Physical interfaces

- 1 WAN 100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet Port (IEEE 802.3)

- 2 RJ-11 FXS phone ports for analog circuit telephone device (tip and ring)

- Reset button

Power supply

- DC input voltage: 5V DC at 2.0A maximum

- Power consumption: 5W

- Switching type (100-240V) automatic

- Power adapter: 100-240V and 50-60 Hz (26-34 VA) AC input, with 1.8m cord

Indicator lights and LEDs

- Phone 1, phone 2, Internet, and power